Laboratory NSD

Human brain development

The materials on the prenatal development of the human brain from the laboratory Collection of the nervous system development and evolution are presented here. The Collection was founded by the professor Sergey Saveliev more than 40 years ago. Recently, the Collection is located in the Laboratory of the Nervous System Development of the Research Institute of Human Morphology, Moscow. The Laboratory started its work in the 1985 and since the 1993 Sergey Saveliev had been the head of the department. Our Collection consists of the unique human and animal samples as wet material, also as histology and immunohistochemistry preparations and electron microscopic archives. It covers the material of fields from the developmental neurobiology to the paleoneurology.

The materials on the nervous system development include human fetal autopsies, also as samples of other vertebrates from jawless vertebrates to birds and mammals.

Here we provide digitized Collection materials on the prenatal development of the human brain. Prenatal human material has been collected from the beginning of 1980s to the present. It is still currently updated and replenished with new samples. Up-to-date the Collection consists of more than 150 human embryos and fetuses staged from the second developmental week (2 pcw) until birth. It includes normal development also as different pathological cases. Here, digital serial histological slices (from the automated microscopy system MECOS) of the embryonic and fetal human nervous system are provided. The new samples, schemes and annotations will be added as the resource will develop. This website section is supported by the FENS History of Neuroscience online project. The virtual image Collection are welcome to be using for educational and any other purposes only with the website reference.

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